Morning, dear, er, bear!


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A 250-pound black bear wandered through my boyfriend’s backyard and across the street towards the high school in the city limits of Medford. It moseyed past the window like it was in no hurry. It looks really small in this photo, taken with a cell phone, but it was a good three feet tall on all fours.


The Chocolate Milk Puddle Mystery

Sunday was supposed to be my day off. I had been on ambulance call for 68 hours the previous week plus all my other regular meetings and work. I was floating in the pool at a friend’s house and the hospital needed someone to take a patient to a neighboring city for more care. So I went on my merry way and took the 3 1/2 hour transfer.

When I got home there was what looked like regurgitated chocolate milk on one of my bathroom mats, and a watery bloody mess on the other. Not. A. Clue. My dog and one cat seemed to be fine, and the other cat was missing but most likely outside. Or at least I was really hoping I wasn’t going to find him dead under the bed. I proceeded to clean up the mess, but for an hour I continued to find a puddle here, puddle there, drip-drip-drip here, drip-drip-drip there. It was all over my desk (barely missed my laptop, but ruined the pile of bills, how sad), the hallway floor, the stairs, the kitchen, and the coffee table in the living room. I was really starting to scratch my head when my one cat, who had been giving me a particularly sad puppy-dog face all night, but nothing too strange, started to lick herself. Oh no! She’d had kittens! I promptly put her outside, but not before stepping in a trail of blood she’d left from the food dish to the couch.

I haven’t found the kittens. I figure Missy (not-da-momma-anymore) and Rosie (dog) devoured them for a snack, which I hear is quite common. Which is fine with me – I don’t have time for kittens. But what a mess!

Folks, please remember to spay and neuter your pets.

I can haz internet?

I can haz internet?

The last few weeks have been spotty for internet service in central WI. The night before Memorial Day a storm created little messes all over town including a huge mess in my boyfriend’s yard. Sunday I ended up doing an ambulance transfer in a thunderstorm, Monday while I was gone it rained, and now it’s dark and looks like the sky is going to cave in. In the meantime, I’m never quite sure when I will or won’t have internet. I’ve been lucky that my electricity hasn’t gone out, but on the other side of town (less than a mile away, Medford is huge), they’ve had two outages lasting about two hours each and several thousand homes and businesses in different parts of metro areas east of us were without power for the weekend. But I could live without power (until my laptop battery died). I need internet.

Just about everything I do is based on using the internet. Squidoo, for work and fun, CafePress, Zazzle, Squidoo, articles, World of Warcraft, school work, Squidoo, fire reports, Flickr…ok and mostly Squidoo. When the internet goes down, I’m not a happy girl. This morning dial-up was even down, which doesn’t bode well for my boyfriend because all his classwork is online this summer.

With all the technology, you’d think they could build a better connection. How about just have wireless hubs around the city? Then as long as you had an account you could get wireless anywhere. How many laptop owners wouldn’t pay for that? True, you can do that in Manhattan where there’s a T-Mobile hotspot at every Starbucks on every block. But Medford is a little backwards that way. I can go to one of eight restaurants and get wireless internet (for free, too!) but they don’t have wireless at the library (the library, people!) or the hospital. The hospital actually tried to claim it had to do with security, because evidently if they had wireless internet someone could magically hack into their system easier than someone who lived in Georgia or Zimbabwe. *I* have wireless internet. Cost me $99 for a router. One time fee. And that was an expensive router. There’s a 10-digit code to log on, that I get to choose. Not that hard.

Which I supposed is all moot since the internet is (was) down. *sigh*

At least my house didn’t break in half.

How devastating!


toothpaste for dinner

How not to pack like Kimberly

The last two times I was in New York City I packed pretty light. My first trip was two days, one night, and I took only a backpack. My second trip was six days, five nights, and even at that, for a girl who takes a fully loaded truck to the store (just kidding…kindof), I had only a carry-on sized suitcase and my purse. And I bought a laptop bag there (I didn’t own one). I mailed home a big bag of clothes and a box of books I bought. (I know, why’d I go to NY to buy books when Barnes and Noble ships them to me free?)

So on this four day, three night trip, I decided to give up on the two hours a day I spent repacking my tiny suitcase and brought the mother. It’s the biggest suitcase I own, but to its credit, not the biggest one I saw at the airport. I even decided to pamper myself and bring a blanket and towels (the hostel tries). From the moment I left my house at 2:45 CST, I regretted it.

Even after dragging the damn thing through CWA, MSP, and LGA, on the M60 to Harlem-125th, up two flights of stairs to the train platform, on the Metro-North Railroad to my meeting, on the train back to Marble Hill, up two flights of stairs to the subway platform, on the 1 train (subway) to 103rd street, and up seven flights of stairs to my hotel room, nothing was as bad as the realization that checkout is at 11 AM on Saturday and my flight doesn’t leave LGA until 6 PM. While, at best, that leaves only four hours for me to dink around Manhattan before getting on the bus back to LGA, four hours of lugging around a 49.5 lb suitcase and a rolling backpack which my boyfriend lovingly lent me because, “it’s on wheels!” isn’t yet sounding like fun.

My problem isn’t that I bring stuff I don’t need. I don’t pack a hair dryer. I don’t bring fourteen pairs of shoes. I don’t bring gadgets that I absolutely cannot live without, because I know where the drugstore is if I forget conditioner. I don’t pack food. I usually ship gifts in advance. My problem is I never seem to have the right version of whatever I do bring. Or enough.

I run out of clean socks. I run out of appropriate pants to wear after I spill ice cream on my khakis. I fail to bring enough dress shirts to get me through surprise dinners. I freeze in the airplane or use last nights jeans as a pillow. I know, what’s wrong with that? Hey. This is supposed to be fun. If I wanted to rough it, I’d stay home and go camping.

I’m finally settled in at the hotel and on my way out to play for the evening. I’ve decided Sunday will have to be my walking tour day, or a sitting at Starbucks and working day, at least after 11. No biggie. Next time I’ll know better. Maybe.

Don’t do it, dude

No car toys


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Please refrain from using your remote controlled car on the airplane. This is very serious people. Anyone caught using a remote controlled toy car on the airplane will be deported. Or whatever they do when they catch people playing with remote controlled toy cars on airplanes.

There must be a lot of people who just haven’t gotten caught because that’s on the list of things I wouldn’t think to bring on an airplane. Like the leaf blower.

My new summer hobby

Summer is going to be busy with work and school and more work and some other projects, and now bow practice. My boyfriend bow hunts and got me interested in trying it out this fall. I’ve gun hunted for about 14 years, but never had someone to show me the ropes, er, strings, of bow hunting. Now I do, so I saved up my money and bought Bowtech’s Diamond Edge compound bow.

I think I might be good at this. My new bow, 5/15/08 Target practice 5/16/08 Target practice 05/18/08 Three in a row A twofer

I’ve spent 30-40 minutes on target practice each of the last few days. My bow isn’t sighted in yet but I’m getting good groupings, even at 20 yards. Later this summer we’ll work on getting it sighted in. I’m currently pulling 40 pounds with a 29″ draw. It’s a good workout!